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Maurice Calmano

Sports scientist and fitness trainer, founder

Through my many years of work as a fitness and personal trainer, the study of sports science and various licenses, I was able to deal well with movement patterns, pain and the possibilities of treatment. With Triggerdinger and the associated mobility program, we have created a product that can specifically improve your mobility and reduce pain.


Triggerdinger everywhere

Whether it's after sports, in the office or on the road: our online offer allows you to access all mobility, trigger and accessory videos from anywhere and use them everywhere. Mobile and on the computer.

Felix Wendt

3D printing expert and industrial engineer, founder

Due to my long experience in the student racing team of the Technical University Darmstadt I was able to find my love for the construction of complex components in 3D printing.

In my studies as an industrial engineer at the TU Darmstadt, I put my focus on additive manufacturing and thus created a good basis for the precise production of our Triggerdinger.

Additive production through 3D printing

Triggerdinger in every size

Through our many years of experience in engineering and sports studying at the Technical University of Darmstadt, we can transfer everyday problems specifically into the art of engineering. With just a few clicks, we can tune and adjust your Triggering exactly to you, giving you an individualized product.

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