"Morph your body!"


These are the three pillars of the MTA method, our innovative and holistic training program. The interplay of MOBILITY, TRIGGER and ACCESSORY achieves an effective balance in training that enhances physical performance, reduces pain and freedom of movement.


Through static and dynamic flexibility exercises, the column MOBILITY increases your range of motion.

TRIGGERN stands for functional fascia training. With the help of one of our Triggerdinger, a lacrosse ball or a fascia roll you can treat trigger points and work against sore muscles.

The MTA method is rounded off by the column ACCESSORY, which is a targeted strength training.


Our online routine consists of three programs: beginner, advanced and professional.

Each program consists of three sections: Shoulder & Thoracic Spine, Hip & Back, Knee & Foot. Each area is designed for a period of three months. All our programs are available online on your smartphone or computer. Through simple descriptions and exemplary videos you get all the exercises that are vividly explained by us. Choose your matching MTA fitness program and say goodbye to tense muscles! Have lots of fun with it!

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