Loose tension punctually

Triggerdinger helps you to relief muscular tensions. The shape of Triggerdinger is adapted to a thumb, with which you press on a tense spot. Due to the punctual pressure, the area is supplied with blood and the tension can be released. The knobs on the bottom make sure that the Triggerdinger don't slip away!


Here you will find many instructions from the areas of triggers, mobility and strengthening.

The integration of Triggerdinger in your mobility training

We see the Tiggerdinger as a punctual fascia product for integration into mobility training. In our courses we always combine the areas of flexibility, triggering and strengthening. These three pillars of Triggerdinger mobility form the basis for all our concepts and you will find them in every course, further training or instruction!
§ 20 courses

Visit a prevention course

Our concept is certified by the German health insurance companies and afterwards you can get your participation fees refunded (up to 100%). Each course is held by our qualified trainers. Currently all courses take place online.
Advanced training

Become a Triggerdinger coach

Do you like to integrate our concept into your studio, the operational health promotion of companies or to your customers? In our advanced training “Strengthening Fascia Training”, we teach trainers, sports scientists and physiotherapists towards our concept. After a basic training you can be certified according to § 20 SGB V.

From 3D printing to the best fascia product on the fitness market

In 2018, we had the idea to create a punctual solution to fascia rollers and balls. The first 10.000 Triggerdinger were produced on our own 3D printers in our basement. Two years later we changed the production to a higher quality process. We continue the production in Hessen (Germany) and already integrate the Triggerdinger in many gyms and companies.